G2Worldwide News 9!!! 6/26/2020

 Our June Special!!! NEW Book Available Now! (English)https://g2churchbooks.org/Volume-Three-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE%E2%80%99-Ebook-not-paperbook-p203753544https://g2churchbooks.org/All-Three-Volumes-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 G2Worldwide News #9 Moringa Oleifera/”The Miracle Tree”  This is my number one favorite tree, due to many reasons. The main reason being it just grows so easily.  I’m just kidding, what I appreciate most about this plant is its health benefits.  I have seen people overcome diabetes,

G2Worldwide News 8!!! 6/19/2020

 Our June Special!!! NEW Book Available Now! (English)https://g2churchbooks.org/Volume-Three-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE%E2%80%99-Ebook-not-paperbook-p203753544https://g2churchbooks.org/All-Three-Volumes-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 G2Worldwide News #8 MMS2, another great G2 Church Sacrament  This week I will be discussing a bit about one of our Sacraments, the MMS2.  What is MMS2?  How does it work? Where to get it? What have we seen it do?  When the Sacramental drops are not

G2Worldwide News 7!!! 6/13/2020

 Our June Special!!! NEW Book Available Now! (English)https://g2churchbooks.org/Volume-Three-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE%E2%80%99-Ebook-not-paperbook-p203753544https://g2churchbooks.org/All-Three-Volumes-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 G2Worldwide News #7Free Gifting of the G2Sacraments!!!  Even before we began the G2 Church way back in 2010, we had been giving out MMS and its Activator to all who were willing to try it themselves.  We have always and will always believe that what you decide

G2Worldwide News 6!!! 6/7/2020

 Our June Special!!! NEW Book Available Now! (English)https://g2churchbooks.org/Volume-Three-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE%E2%80%99-Ebook-not-paperbook-p203753544https://g2churchbooks.org/All-Three-Volumes-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 G2Worldwide News #6 Matthew 25:34-4034 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye

G2Worldwide News 5!!! 5/29/2020

  G2Worldwide News #5 BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Jonathan serves the Truth to a few U.S. Marshals and a Sheriff!!!Note: I had just finished my weekly recordings, when they showed up. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61bwgq4ZhLQBitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/R6so5FiutSvn/NEW Book Available Now! (English)https://g2churchbooks.org/Volume-Three-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE%E2%80%99-Ebook-not-paperbook-p203753544https://g2churchbooks.org/All-Three-Volumes-of-%E2%80%98Imagine-A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-p203756591 If you don’t really understand what is going on in the world and why.  You should get our

G2Worldwide News 3!!! 5/15/2020

  G2Worldwide News #3    During these dark times where we don’t know what will happen next, we must be the light for the world.  It is our time people of God, let us preach the Gospel more than we ever have!!!Let your light so shine before men:Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM4Ett9s86QBitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Wubq1cAGLao9/ Genesis II Church Newsletter/What is