Nay’s Boxes of Love…

My desire is to be a change for the good in this world.   It is much better to give than to receive.  To see the faces of those in need be fulfilled even for a moment’s time is more gratifying than any gifts.  To change the world we must give our lives as a living sacrifice.  We must follow the way of the KING, the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!  HE is the only SAVIOR.

 Boxes of Love started around 2017 when I would send large boxes of supplies, clothes, and many other essentials to my family in the Dominican Republic.  In the neighborhood where I grew up, there are probably over 500 of my family members, as we are native to this part of the island.  You could say I am almost a modern day Pocahontas, LOL. 

Seeing that most of my family members are very poor, I decided to add things for those in dire need.  Over the years I started giving not only to my family members, but also to those that truly needed it.  It fills my heart to see the smiles of my people as they receive the gifts from my Boxes of Love, which are appropriately called.  I have given my whole heart to my people and will help them throughout my life because the need will never end.  

If you would like to be a part in changing someone’s life for the good, join me now!!!  All proceeds go directly to the needy, for now in the Dominican Republic, but hopefully someday worldwide.  Please contact me at this email for more information on how you may help:

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How the Boxes of Love help others…

  Each box helps around 200 individuals receive an item or more.  Over 50 families per box receive help, we make sure to spread the “Love” as much as possible.   Each box is between $250-$300 USD for shipping to Barahona alone.  Add $250-$300 to fill the box of clothes, hygiene products, footwear, food, snacks, G2 Sacraments, Bibles and Chick Tracts, etc.  We also acquire free clothes and other things throughout the year through friends and family.  You may also send things you might not use anymore. For a list and how you may help, please contact:

Basically the cost per box to affect the lives for the better of over 200 people and/or over 50 families is between $500-$600 USD.  We have been able to send at least 2 boxes per year ourselves for the past 3-4 years resulting in 6-8 boxes.  Just my family and I have helped over 1000 individuals in the area of Barahona and over 300 families, (the population for the province of Barahona is around 189,000).   

Even if I spent my life doing 10 times as much as that, I would never be able to help everyone in need.  Just these used clothes I acquire or some purchased clothes and shoes, can help someone.  What we see as trash are for sure other’s treasures.  Don’t give to Goodwill and companies that make money off your gift- give directly to those in need.  I will always be willing to pass on what is received to help my people. As you will also see, we help people with the most basics in some countries like water and food.  Imagine what it would be like for you to carry your water from where ever you can acquire it.  Sometimes you can’t even do that.  Cherish the water people, I know firsthand what it is like to not have water.   I am forever thankful to God for the opportunity to help not only my people but whomever is in need.  May God bless all those who help out their fellow man, as Jesus Christ has commanded us to do, so tell I you.